EXPONI Debate contest

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, through its Centre for International Solidarity (CeSI), promotes the initiative “EXPONI le tue IDEE!”, promoted by WeWorld Onlus as part of the project “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change”, co-founded by the European Commission within the DEAR Prorgamme. The initiative focuses on climate change and environmental protection global issues. Several Italian and European Universities, together with Università Cattolica, are joining the competition. 

The initiative aims at spreading the culture and the practice of educational debate on issues of global interest, encouraging the positive discussion of different point of views, promoting the study and the research on complex issues that can only be addressed through the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach.

The Centre for International Solidarity addresses the project to all the students and consists in a debate contest between different teams that will compete in front of a qualified jury, debating on climate change, environmental protection and migration flows issues. The competition starts with a tournament within each participating University. The winning team of each University will compete with the other Universities’ teams in the regional play-offs and will have the opportunity to participate in the national finals.

Exponi Debate Contest 2020/21

The tournament in Università Cattolica took place in the first half of December 2020.The tournament was open for all the University students attending a degree course at the Milan, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona campuses. During the 3 phases of this internal tournament, the 8 teams challenged each other on a series of issues relating to climate change and environmental protection, alternatively supporting a pro thesis  or a con thesis. 39 students participated in the tournament, coming from 7 different faculties of Università Cattolica.

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The final challenge was played on Wednesday 27 January 2021; the "1987" and "As We Speak" teams competed for the title of winner of the debate tournament within Università Cattolica by debating on the issue: it is too late to stop climate change. The debate was moderated by Riccardo Barlaam, journalist of Sole 24 Ore. The debate was judged by prof. Fausto Colombo, Prof. Maria Chiara Zanarotti and Dr. Sandra Corsi (FAO).

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The winning team of the internal phase at Università Cattolica of the Debate Contest "Exponi le tue Idee!" was the "1987" team, which participated in the national finals of the debate contest on 20 and 21 July 2021 in Bologna. The team "1987" won the national debate contest "Exponi le tue idee!".

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The students of the team "1987" took part in the European contest, together with other students and young citizens of other EU Countries. The European contest took palce in Brussels in November 2021.

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EXPONI Debate contest 2021/22

The internal phase of 'Università Cattolica of the deabte contest Exponi 2022 took place in the days 8, 9 e 10 March 2022 in the Milan campus of the University. 20 students, dividev in 5 teams took part in the contest. On March 22 the internal phase was concluded. The winning team was the team "Facta Non Verba", which represented our University at the national contest.

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The team "Facta Non Verba" finished second at the national phase of Exponi.

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