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In 2014 a book series published by Vita e Pensiero was started, "Quaderni del CeSI", in order to describe and collect the main projects implemented by CeSI.

Since 2010, under the direction of Professor Rita Sidoli, eight handbooks have been published by Educatt on the theme “Children with special needs” to support teachers and educators in developing countries.

  • 2015 – vol. 8 – Reto multiple en la edad evolutiva. Guía para terapeutas y padres
    Pellegri A. (edited by)
  • 2014 - vol. 7 - La terapia ocupacional para la edad evolutiva en el mundo. Guía para los profesionales y los padres
    Pellegri A. (edited by)
  • 2014 - vol. 6 - Occupational Therapy
    Pellegri A. (edited by)
  • 2014 - vol. 5 - Multidisability in children
    Pellegri A. (edited by)
  • 2012 - vol. 4 - Childhood disability: issues and implications for an effective rehabilitation process
    Porta M. (edited by)
  • 2011 - vol. 3 - Parents, teachers and professionals working together for an inclusive policy
    Basha S., Sidoli R. (edited by)
  • 2010 - vol. 2 - Basha Behavioural Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Test (BAT)
    Basha S. (edited by)
  • 2010 - vol. 1 - Cognitive Empowerment in Intellectually Disabled Children
    Fabio R. A. (edited by)

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