Educational activities take place on a range of levels, according to the interlocutors addressed. On the one hand, there are Postgraduate and Master Courses intended for students, doctors, medical and healthcare staff, to be classified as post-university education. Nor should we forget the Congresses and Study Seminars dedicated to specific bioethical themes. Activities are also promoted with the aim of encouraging bioethical reflections on new forms of communication, such as the “Bioethics and the Cinema” Laboratory, intended for students and a non-specialist public. Educational activities also embrace Higher Education Courses, such as those dedicated to disability and labour, and Postgraduate and Master Courses in Bioethics, held in collaboration with the various seats and faculties of the UCSC as part of an ongoing Educational Project for adults and for the professions.

With a decidedly specialized perspective, activities of bioethical consultancy for clinical practice are held at the Foundation of the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli.