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ICAR 7 | 6-10 July 2021

We are pleased to inform that the 7th edition of International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR7) has been postponed and hopefully will take place in July 2021, from Tuesday 6th of July to Saturday 10th.

We will keep the same scientific program and all the submissions already accepted.

Visit ICAR7 website for all the details


Newsletter n. 11

It's now available the last issue of Family Studies and Research University Centre's Newsletter. Every three months you will be informed of our research activities, national or international conferences and seminars, scientific publications and educational programs (Master's degrees and High education courses).

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The Centre's research has focused on family transitions, now more critical than in the past, enabling the development of interpretative models that have significantly affected the Italian and international culture. A multigenerational look and attention to the exchange between generations are the characteristics that led to the beginning of the very innovative research and training paths.


The Centre has a strong tradition and expertise on training both at Post-graduate and Masters level (I and II) - nationally and internationally. Excellent education is promoted for professionals and experts working with a psycho, social and educational approach with families.

All the training activities are carried out in collaboration with Alta Scuola di Psicologia "A. Gemelli" or Servizio per la Formazione Permanente of the Catholic University.

The Family in the Time of COVID-19

The Family Studies and Research University Centre is conducting a research study titled La Famiglia al tempo del COVID-19 [The Family in the Time of COVID-19]. The first phase of this study – based on a representative sample of 3,000 people in Italy aged between 18 and 85 – lasted from 30 March to 7 April 2020, and is now complete. The first data show that 60% of families experienced high stress levels in the areas of family management, work and finances. Conversely, a regenerative ability of family bonds emerges: 72% of families reported positive changes in their everyday lives.

Read the results of the first phase of the research


Last publications

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A. Bertoni, S. Donato, S. Molgora, “When “we” are stressed: A dyadic approach to coping with stressful events”, Hauppauge, NY: Nova Publisher, 2018.