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ICAR 7 | 7-11 July 2020

The Family Studies and Research University Centre is honored to host the 7th International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR7) from 7th  to 11th  July 2020 at Università Cattolica, Milan, Italy.

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Newsletter n. 10

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The Centre's research has focused on family transitions, now more critical than in the past, enabling the development of interpretative models that have significantly affected the Italian and international culture. A multigenerational look and attention to the exchange between generations are the characteristics that led to the beginning of the very innovative research and training paths.


The Centre has a strong tradition and expertise on training both at Post-graduate and Masters level (I and II) - nationally and internationally. Excellent education is promoted for professionals and experts working with a psycho, social and educational approach with families.

All the training activities are carried out in collaboration with Alta Scuola di Psicologia "A. Gemelli" or Servizio per la Formazione Permanente of the Catholic University.



Prof. Frank D. FINCHAM, Eminent Scholar e Director FSU Family Institute, Florida State University.

6 ottobre 2016

The event was part of the cycle of meetings “I volti e le parole della Misericordia. Dieci anni di attività dei Centri di Ateneo” organized by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

The seminar was structured in a key-note lecture by Prof. Frank D. Fincham (Eminent Scholar and Director FSU Family Institute, Florida State University); Chair Giovanna Rossi and discussants Camillo Regalia.

Event poster