The aim of the center is to study and promote the social teaching of the Church, carrying out both basic and applied scientific activities on Christian social thought

Statute of the University Centre of the Social Teaching of the Church, art. 2, comma 1.


  1. The University Centre of the Social Teaching of the Church, hereinafter referred to as the center, was established at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, hereinafter referred to as Università Cattolica.
  2. The center carries out its activities at its headquarters in Milan and, for the exercise of its activities, avails itself of the facilities of Università Cattolica interested in the founding purposes of the center.
  3. The center shall last four academic years, renewable.
  4. The Rector represents the center in front of third parties.


  1. The aim of the center is to study and promote the social teaching of the Church, carrying out both basic and applied scientific activities on Christian social thought and social work of Christian inspiration, in relation to the most relevant topics for contemporary society and through an interdisciplinary method, oriented both to theoretical analysis and applied research. The research activity may also be carried out with the collaboration of researchers and lecturers from other universities and highly qualified scientific or professional personalities.
  2. In order to achieve the objectives referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Centre shall propose:
    a) to promote seminars, conferences, debates and meetings, including those of an international nature;
    b) to promote training activities and any other activity which may be useful to the wider diffusion of the Christian social thought;
    c) to promote the publication of the results of the research carried out.


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