Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

University Centre for International Solidarity

Università Cattolica's commitment in International Cooperation for Development

The Centre coordinates Università Cattolica's activities in the field of international cooperation and solidarity, directing the wealth of knowledge and technical and scientific skills developed within our Universities to the greater good.

Razom In Italy – Insieme in Italia

The project Razom in Italy, in favor of Ukrainian refugees in Italy, provides for the organization of free Italian language lessons, held by students and graduates of the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures atf Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The contents transmitted during the courses will be defined in agreement and under the supervision of the teaching staff of Russian language, Italian didactics and psychology of the University.


Проект «Разом в Італії» з метою допомоги українськім біженцям в Італії передбачає організацію безкоштовних уроків італійської мови, які будуть проводити студенти та випускники факультету Лінгвістичних наук та зарубіжної літератури Католицького Університету. Теми уроків під час курсів будуть визначені під керівництвом викладачів з кафедри російської мови, кафедри філології італійської мови та кафедри психології.


Razom in Italy — проект помощи украинским беженцам в Италии, в рамках которого студенты и выпускники Факультета лингвистики и иностранной литературы Католического университета проводят бесплатные уроки итальянского языка. При этом преподаватели русского языка, дидактики итальянского языка и психологии обеспечивают организацию  процесса, наблюдение за ним и консультируют волонтеров.


Climate of Change, Exponi Debates: second edition

"Exponi le tue Idee!" Debate Contest, focused on climate change, environmental protection and migration, returns with the second edition. The internal phase at Università Cattolica will take place in February and March 2022. Registration by 22 December 2021 at 12:00 PM.

ATTENTION: the deadline for submitting applications has been postponed to Monday 17 January 2022.

More info HERE.

UCSC Charity Work Program 2022

The University Centre for International Solidarity (CeSI) promotes a new edition of the volunteering program UCSC Charity Work Program. The initiative will take place during summer 2022. After the positive experience of the program Charity@HOME, CeSI offers the students of Università Cattolica the chance to live service and volunteering experiences in Italy and abroad, aimed at enhancing their academic and personal growth.

CeSI's contribution to COVID-19 emergency management in developing countries

CeSI has contributed to countering the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in development contexts through the promotion of international cooperation interventions aimed at training health care personnel and raising awareness of the local population on the risks and behavioural measures to be adopted.

Learn more about the interventions promoted:

“Fast lung ultrasound teaching program” beyond the Europe during COVID-19 pandemic: Africa’s reality

“Unidos apesar de distantes” (Uniti ma distanti)

Somali Media Against Covid-19 (SoMA Covid-19)

Ongoing projects

CeSI is currently involved in the following projects:

  • CAMEROON, project Look beyond the prison, for the strengthening of civil society in social inclusion, in the protection and promotion of the rights of prisoners and former prisoners.
  • MYANMAR, Training Paths project, in support of vulnerable children and the geriatric population of Myanmar.
  • UGANDA, Community Outreach project, improvement strategies for the prevention of clinical management of HIV, TB and malaria in Kampala.
  • UGANDA, a project for the Prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in women, based on the active involvement of the community in Gulu.
  • MALI, Bara ni Yiriwa project - Work and development in Mali, to support socio-economic development and the creation of job opportunities in the agricultural and craft sector.
  • ITALY, CYPRUS, PORTUGAL, NEAR - Newly Arrived in a common home, for the social and labor orientation of migrants during their arrival in Europe.
  • MIDDLE EAST, FAR, BUT NOT DISTANT. Università Cattolica for the Middle East, with distance training interventions in some Middle Eastern countries in the educational and medical-health fields.

Discover CeSI's projects abroad and in Italy.

Scholarships for Refugee students

For the academic year 2022/2023 Università Cattolica and ISTUD establish two scholarships for refugees students to cover the costs of the Master in "Human Resources and Organization".

All the details are available HERE.

New release

volume malattie infettive

Available a new volume of "Quaderni del CeSI" titled "Perchè andare lontano. Le voci del Charity Work Program" ("Why go far. The voices of the Charity Work Program").

The volume collects the stories of the students of Università Cattolica who lived the experience of the Charity Work Program, the international volunteer program promoted by CeSI. The voices of the students, accompanied by the contributions of the partners who welcome them in developing countries, testify to the growing interest aroused by the initiative, at the same time tracing a passionate response to why believe in the value of international volunteering.