UCSC Charity Work Program

The UCSC Charity Work Program was born in 2009, with the aim of involving the students and recent graduates of Università Cattolica in the University's international cooperation and solidarity activities. That year, 12 students left for Honduras, India, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa. Since then, the number of volunteer students, partners and destinations has steadily increased and the challenge of CeSI has been to offer students and recent graduates experiences capable of contributing to their professional and technical growth but, first of all, personal and human growth.

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Why leaving with the Charity Work Program? The first reason is the chanche of having direct knowledge of very different worlds from the one in which we are used to live. The Charity Work Program opens up the possibility of a true and direct experience of the "different". A challenging experience, which requires us to go beyond our ethnocentrism

Marco Caselli, Charity Work Program: il senso di un vaggio (introduction to the volume: "Perchè andare lontano. Le voci del Charity Work Program", 2020)