UCSC Charity Work Program

Since 2009, the programme has offered students and graduates of all the Faculties and campuses of Università Cattolica over 350 scholarships of three to eight weeks at missions and NGOs in emerging or developing countries. Thanks to the valuable support of University, Istituto Giuseppe Toniolo di Studi Superiori and the funds raised by the “5 per thousand” campaign, the Charity Work Programme is a highly educational experience from a personal growth point of view.
The aim of the project is to “expose” students to a very different reality from the one they live in, with the idea of promoting their cultural growth in the framework of solidarity, and perhaps arousing their interest in development cooperation as a career option. In addition, by actively cooperating with foundations, NGOs and missions, students can experience the style and presence in the world of a Church that builds and disseminates value in the real vicinity of the most vulnerable. Experiences gained in these environments thus become a valuable resource that they can put to good use in daily life, once they have returned to Italy.

Mission Exposure

The programme, carried out in partnership with the Pastoral Centre and PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions), has enabled more than 150 students of Università Cattolica, since 2010, to experience life in a “mission land” that combines individuals’ human (and Christian) growth with their academic studies.
Before leaving, students follow a preparation course during which they are challenged to grow personally and spiritually, and supported in best living the experience in a developing context, making use of their academic skills and opening their minds to the world.


Countries of destination of the UCSC Charity Work Program from 2009 to 2019