Institutional partners

AUCI intervenes in sustainable human development by promoting people's citizenship rights, contributing to the protection of the planet, pursuing an ideal of social progress, building bridges of peace and non-violence and developing international partnerships for joint actions and community impact. It is involved in strengthening health systems and improving access to health care and services, in particular maternal and child health and chronic diseases. It contributes to promoting a development model centred on family farming that enables the achievement of the right to food, fair governance of common goods and the development of local agri-food chains. Since 1977 it has collaborated with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Rome).

BICE aims to defend the dignity and the rights of children. In order to realize its mission, BICE elaborates field projects and research programmes, mobilises the civil society and influences social policies.

CUCS gathers experiences and competences of 20 Universities from Northern and Central Italy in the sector of international cooperation and it organizes paths of education, training, planning and scientific divulgation in the field of Human Sustainable Development and Cooperative Development.

The master 's program delves into relational processes involving the actors in a relationship by orienting participants toward constructive and purposeful encounter experiences. In addition to providing a general overview of human rights issues, international conventions and the role of cooperation in building concrete resilient processes, the program offers some of the methodological and operational approaches necessary for the activation of cooperation, development and assistance projects by acting on relationships within aid contexts oriented to mutual collaboration. Throughout the master's program, the student is always invited to rework contents in order to consciously integrate them with his or her own personal affairs. The didactic path often makes use of applied experiences, such as lectures at institutions or analysis of intervention contexts where the Università Cattolica has operated in the field in Italy and abroad. The training proposal thus makes use of interdisciplinary skills and networks of experts aimed to organize operational plans to serve people in contexts of vulnerability from migration to disasters to social marginality by promoting those processes of resilience common to every human being.

International cooperation projects' partners

CeSI participates in the implementation of various international development cooperation interventions, collaborating with NGOs, Italian and local civil society associations and religious congregations.

Benedict Medical Centre Ltd., in Uganda (Kampala)

Centro Orientamento Educativo (COE), in Cameroon

Comboni Samaritans of Gulu, in Uganda (Gulu)

Faculty of Nursing and Health Science, Bethlehem University, Palestine (Bethlehem)

Fondazione ISMU, in Mali, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal

Fondazione Italia Uganda Onlus, in Uganda (Kampala)

Humanitarian Nineveh Relief Organization, Iraq (Bartella)

Our Lady of Peace Center for Persons with Disabilities, Jordan (Amman)

Tamat, in Italy, Cyprus, Portugal

Partners in the projects for university students

As part of its global education and solidarity awareness activities, CeSI addresses various proposals to the students of Università Cattolica, from international and national volunteering experiences to initiatives aimed at deepening the issues of human rights, development and sustainability. The Centre cooperato to this aim with several partners, including NGOs, civil society associations and congregations.

Associazione Casa Famiglia Rosetta, in Brazil

Associazione di volontariato “Drum Bum”, in Romania

Bala Vikasa, in India

Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo, COE, in Guatemala, Cameroon

Chicco per Embidir, in Ethiopia

Fondazione Italia Uganda Onlus, in Uganda

Fondazione Stella Maris Onlus, in Mexico

Fundación Mario Parma, in Bolivia

Giardino degli Angeli Onlus, in Brazil

IBO Italia, in Madagascar

Istituto Suore Nazarene, in Madagascar

YearOut Onlus, in India

Missione delle Suore della Carità di Santa Giovanna Antida, in Ethiopia

Progettomondo, in Bolivia

Vicariato per i Cattolici di lingua ebraica, in Israel

VIS - Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, in Albania, Ghana, Senegal

Africa Mission - Cooperazione e Sviluppo, in Piacenza

ArciRED APS, in Cosenza

Associazione di volontariato “Drum Bum”, in Cremona and in Fuscaldo (CS)

Associazione don Bosco 2000, in Aidone, Piazza Armerina, Pietraperzia e Catania

Centro Pedro Arrupe, Associazione Centro Astalli, in Rome

Cooperativa Noemi, in Crotone

Farm Cultural Park, in Favara (AG)

Fondazione AVSI, in Milan

IBO Italia, in Ferrara and in Spilamberto (MO)

Tamat, in Perugia

Terres des Hommes Italia Onlus, in Milan

YearOut Onlus, in Camini (RC)

WeWorld Onlus, in Milan